20th November. Today we are recovering from watching our first documentary (done back in 2011) Uspomene 677 on Al Jazeera Balkans, showing simultaneously in 6 former Yugoslav counties: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. All sorts of people ringing to congratulate, to ask information, to cry and share the feelings. For us, this is what we make films for. And it is a privilege to have been involved in a project that has such a widespread effect on people. We look forward to make another one soon. Who knows? Uspomene 5 years later soon? Check the latest on Uspomene Website and contact us if you would like to buy the special edition DVD to support Pinch projects, with exclusive behind the scenes and memorabilia.

18th November. Our second documentary “My words and I” was on italian regional TV. We are aiming soon to be on Rai 3 (italian national TV); will keep you posted. Well done team. As well for Italians, here our TV news from Verona.

13th November. And after a screening at EON (aka the production company making James Bond) here we are for a screening at Working Titles. Is it my impression or our friends are all quite clearly moving up?

10rd November More press.. while waiting “the result” from the Italian Ministry of Culture for our next feature film “The habit of beauty“, a wonderful person + Italian press are pushing. Massive thank you. It’s coming, promised!

5th November And after a grueling 8 days shoot ‘The adventures of T-boy’ shoot is finished. We had a lot of fun but it was hard work. We met a lot of new film-makers that we hope to work with in the future. Now 8 x 30’ editing is about to start. With the right person in front of Final Cut, we know this will be a tight schedule we can meet.

OCTOBER – 2013

28th October. If you find that you can’t get enough movie magic for your appetite then check out the latest trailer from a film we exec-produced at the beginning of the year…when everyone else was wrapped up all cozy and warm! “He Who Dares” is an action thriller where ‘Die Hard’ Meets ‘The Raid’! The film will be released in early 2014 and we look forward to it. We even hear that there may be a sequel in the pipeline. Check this out.

We are about to start an 8-part TV series for MTA productions, makers of ‘Meet the Adebanjo’. Looking forward to work with the director producer team Debra and Andrew and all their team. We will shoot the project with Enrico going back to his roots as a second operator. It will be fun.

17th October. We went back to music videos? Just for once (we were missing the vibe : ) Last day of shooting (studio) today after a two days shoot in Italy for our next music vid with the MAN Scarz and the fantastic Adi Alfa. After this we’ll start editing with delivery in a few weeks. Look forward to showing you this very photographic-style video. A very big departure for rapper Scarz. Let’s see the video soon.

15th October. Flying to Rome for an Interview at the Italian Ministry of Culture for our film ‘The habit of beauty’. We are meeting our co-producer Cristiano in a café outside the Ministry in a beautiful square. The sun is shining and it feels like summer. The interview goes in a flash. In 2 questions about how Jacques Audiard and Andrea Arnold are two big influences on the work. Another couple of questions on the amounts of drafts of the script (8 so far) and we are out. Breathless but satisfied, we are now waiting for the verdict. Drums roll…..

5th October How typical of life Pinch Media We are two hours from our Raindance Film Festival premiere and we are reading a script. But this is not just a script. It’s the BEST script we’ve read in a looooooong time. And we just pray as we read that it doesn’t let us down. So far (page 71) so getting better and better. Perhaps this is a good omen. While reading we have also attended a reception at the prestigious Italian Institute of Culture with all the other Italian film-makers. Very interesting networking and picture opportunity and, as expected, the food was simply amazing. Thank you Raindance!

3rd October. Very nice article of “My words and I” published today on the magazine ‘OGGI’ in Italy. After been selected for Raindance Film Festival this year, we hope to be broadcasted on RAI 3 Doc very soon.. and more festival to come. It looks like we may get a fair amount of press this autumn.



September started in Italy with Mirko going to film and take photographs at a Communication Workshop by our friends @Psicodizione. He used the opportunity to get some more dynamic filming done to include in the documentary we made with them ‘My Words and I‘: never stop working! Never too late go get more brilliant material and make the film better.

Upon his return Mirko made a new edit of ‘My Words and I‘, incorporating the new footage and generally restructuring it to make it an even stronger character led documentary. This is the cut that will be screening at Raindance Film Festival on Sunday the 6th of October and we are all extremely excited and will hopefully be seeing many of you there! We are also pleased to announce that our friends at BeActive Media and their film Beat Girl which we line produced in the UK has been nominated for an Emmy award. Best of luck to them!


The big news for the summer months is the finishing of the shooting of ‘Fishermen’s conversation‘. After a three part shoot over more than a year, our presence on the lovely island of Hvar has come to an end. We have come to know this place and its people like very few other places in the world. For us it was an experience of a lifetime – and this is what documentaries are all about! We want stories that enrich us as human beings – this certainly was one. A wonderful story, a wonderful place, with wonderful people. Grazie to our director Chiara Bove for letting us into her world, Hvala to all the people of Hvar that again and again amazed us with their openness, patience, friendliness and grace. Over the final shoot the film has really developed and the focus has shifted to the juxtaposition of the traditional ways of the island with the recent influx of international tourism which has brought wealth, but has really changed the inhabitant’s life in many ways.

In other news Mirko has finished editing the first two documentaries of the series “Ordinary Heroes” that we have shot for PCRC (Post Conflict Research Centre). One doc is the story of Ferid, a man who is the sole survivor of a mass execution of Bosniaks, and Mina, the woman who saved his life by hiding him in her house; Mina is a hero who lives a simple life and is quietly proud of what she did. Ferid takes us to the location of the execution for the first time in 20 years. The second story is about two friends in Bijelijna (Republika Srpska), one of whom has saved the other out of a concentration camp in a simple act of kindness, the act which resonates in their lives to this day.

JUNE 2013

Feature films Life. With regards to our feature film ‘The Habit of Beauty’, I read once that one of the biggest sources of anxiety and frustration in one’s career is to focus only on where you need to go, instead of looking back and seeing how far you’ve gone. After spending so long on the script and winning the support of some amazing cast and crew, going crazy on the financing and post… It was with great emotion that I received the first few pages of the shot list from Mirko. It is just part of the process, I guess. But it still hit me. Seeing his shotlist and seeing how obviously visual he is, reminded me why we started this process in the first place.

It is also such a pleasure to see how established UK actors react to the script. We have more news of actors being attached. As a writing-directing team who just developed this film straight from their heart, it is a real blast to get good reactions.

Other (feature) films.  We recently had a couple of co-productions with low budget genre specialists Press-on Features, headed by the prolific Simon Phillips and Paul Tanter. The first two collaborations, who also marked the debut of our PINCH COMPLETION FUND, were very interesting so we look forward to more. If you have a feature film that needs completion and/or sales/distribution help do get in touch. We and our angel investors look forward to hearing from talented film-makers.

On set with Noel Clarke. This week we have had the pleasure of being on the set of the feature film ‘The Anomaly’. It was a great experience, all the best to our friends, Mr. Noel Clarke, Cedric StClair, Peter and the rest of the team.

And to end on an even happier note, Enrico has just been accepted by the TV Drama Writers’ Festival. Hope to see some of you there next week.