MAY 2013

Docs life. Ordinary heroes is our first Doc series. 5 x 30’ documentaries about exceptional stories shot all around Bosnia. It was again a partnership with PCRC and our Bosnian sister Velma Saric. Shooting like this, discovering new worlds, telling meaningful stories with incredible people and complete trust of the commissioners is what film-making should be all about. But you may ask: what is ‘Ordinary heroes’? – Have a look into our “documentary” section : )

We’d like to thank Velma Saric and all the people who shared their stories with us. Thank you for letting us in and allowing us to learn so much. On a practical side we have shot the first two episodes of the series and are now in post-production. We plan to shoot and edit 3 more episodes in the autumn.

More Docs – We expect to complete one more shoot for ‘Fishermen’s conversation’ in Croatia over the summer. Dates to be confirmed.

As for the mother of all our docs, we are very happy to announce the following confirmed broadcasters for Uspomene 677: Rudaw TV, Maori TV, DR2, ACHT, and Planete + Poland (Re-branded now as NC+).

Finally we plan to re-cut and relaunch ‘My words and I’ new singing and dancing TV cut with new lovely English subtitles for the Autumn too. With the idea of hitting key UK and European festivals, another prestige screening in London and then start selling the TV version in the Autumn.


This month, Rebecca has been editing the first cut of the ‘Fisherman’s Conversations’ feature documentary, directed by Chiara Bove Makiedo. Work on it is going well and we are receiving positive feedback. We are currently working on a website, which will be launched in the nearby future, be sure to look out for that. We hope to return to Croatia this July to complete our last shoot for the doc.

We have begun UK casting for ‘The Habit of Beauty‘, beginning with the role of Ian. We are thoroughly enjoying the process so far, meeting a vast amount of talent. We are also able to confirm Italian award-winning actress Francesca Neri as our lead, which we are very excited about.

Be sure to look out for ‘He Who Dares’ starring our good friend Tom Knight, an action film, in which we executive produced. It has just been shown in this month Screen International. We are very much the art house/documentary types here, but we like to try and support all genres, and this is our first in ‘Action’, which has been a very exciting new experience for us.

We will be travelling back to Bosnia this month for two weeks to complete another series of the ‘Ordinary Heroes’ project in partnership with PCRC (Post Conflict Research Center). We have just completed a trailer which is due to release soon, so be sure to watch out for that.


Happy New Year everyone and welcome back!

Work has begun for the Italian casting of our film ‘The Habit of Beauty’. It has been going very well so far and we look forward to being able to update you more about this in the upcoming future. We have been at the Berlinale Film Festival EFM this month, which was a great experience, learning a lot on the producing side. We enjoyed it very much and hope to be back next year.

We have also been working on a new pilot doc with Ali May from MAYHART ‘The Cloud’ which focuses on energy efficiency. It will be pitched to broadcasters this summer, in the hope to be fully commissioned.

We’re happy to say that we had the UK premiere, our industry screening of ‘My Words and I’ at the Soho Screening Rooms, which was a great success. Thank you to all who came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as us.

We are also very proud to announce that we will be having a screening of ‘Uspomene 677’ to students at Goldsmiths University of London on 27th February. It is free and open to the public, so please feel free to join us.

Details click HERE


This month we have just come back from the shoot of ‘Fishermen and fishermen conversations’, shot in Hvar, Croatia. It was a fantastic experience and we got some pretty amazing footage. Quite a location it was, and the locals made us feel very welcome. We wish all projects were like this and are now looking forward to the editing over winter.

We have also officially starting casting for ‘The Habit of Beauty’. We are speaking to some pretty big names in Italy, mainly thanks to our wonderful casting director Lilia Trapani Hartmann who found the time to work with us after casting the last film of Cannes-winners Dardenne Brothers. We’ve so far been to Madrid to meet with a prominent Spanish actress, and also Rome to talk with some fantastic actors. It both overwhelms and scares us to be in such company; we feel so very honoured but also we feel we are going in the right direction. Which is a very nice feeling.

We were also able to complete Exposure’s ‘Teen London’ series culminating with Episode 3. It was a successful shoot working the young people who were involved in both the cast and crew within the two day production, and with young director Gareth Fient (another of Pinch media young discoveries) who directed this last episode and Rebecca Richards working as second – unit camera. We were able to create something very much youth-led within the charity. It was a great moment.

Finally we’d like to mention another of our young discoveries, Rob Savage and his film Strings. We worked with Rob early on in 2012 but then, due to other commitments, we had to focus on other projects. Rob and Strings went on to get distribution from Vertigo and won a BIFA. We couldn’t be happier for Rob and wish him and his film all the best. We look forward to finding out what he is doing next.

We now look forward to a bit of ‘quiet work’ over Christmas until we will start storyboarding ‘The Habit of Beauty’ in early January.

Thank you for all the support over an amazing 2012. See you in 2013!


There has also been new progress with our sales agent Journeyman Pictures who are looking towards international sales for Uspomene 677. We have now closed another two territories, Denmark (DR2) and Belgium (ACHT Viewcom). Thank you Mirko for the persistence and Edward Caffreys for closing these deals. We are also under discussion with Rai3.

At the moment we are also currently planning the London screening of ‘My Words and I’. Watch out for updates on our Facebook page and website.

Proud to also say we attended the ‘David Lean lecture’ at Bafta with one of our heroes (and 5-times Bafta winner) Pedro Almodovar. He was very gracious to tell us a little bit about his casting and rehearsing technique. We’ll keep this moment in our hearts for a long time.

We are also proud to announce our next documentary project currently entitled ‘Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations’, a poetic take on consumerism and globalisation from the point of view of three traditional fishermen families in Croatia. The project is to be directed by Chiara Bove Makiedo, shot by Mirko and produced by us through Pinch Media.

We look forward to the next shoot in Croatia in Early December, and casting in Rome for our next film ‘The habit of beauty’.