Fishermen’s Conversations is a study of a Mediterranean island, a young woman’s ode to her deceased Grandfather and a portrait of a group of men struggling to keep traditional (and non) fishing alive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Using minimum dialogue and narration,  this partly fly-on-the-wall documentary laments the destruction caused by tourism in Croatia and the greed that invites it. Simultaneously, it celebrates the conservation of a way of life that preserves the identity of the island, through journeys with fishermen as they take to the seas to make their living.

The result provides the viewer with evidence that not all is lost if we allow time to stay still once in a while.


An elite team of British SAS officers are called in on a rescue mission to an underground car park in London, fifteen floors deep and set up as a death trap.

When a mysterious gang take the Prime Minister’s daughter hostage, Christopher Lowe must face the psychotic leader of a merciless group of killers in a desperate race against time, trapped and underground in an unknown environment. He Who Dares is an edge of your seat action thriller filled with non-stop violence and action, an original British take on cult films like Die Hard and The Raid. Pinch Media gladly got involved with this film as executive producers.

The Knot

The first feature film production, a romantic comedy starring Noel Clarke, Mena Suvari, Talulah Riley and Matthew McNulty, directed by Jesse Lawrence. Started in 2009, Enrico discovered the script, sourced a director, raised the finance and saw the production through, from beginning to end. Sold to Universal in the UK. Released in Autumn 2012.

My Words and I

Our second feature doc about a very special school in Italy, ‘Psicodizione’. The school has developed a unique method that, with within weeks of classes and a few months of exercise, completely cures any stutter. All the school’s tutors, including the founder, are ex stutterers themselves, showing the impact the experience has had on their lives. Screened in cinemas in Italy in June 2012, to premiere in the UK in Autumn 2012.

Uspomene 677

Completed in October 2011, our first feature doc about contemporary life in Bosnia and how memories of civil war affect young people. One of the first documentaries about Bosnia not focusing on one event or perspective, but examining the experiences of all three ethnicities. Selected for Raindance Film Festival 2011, nominated for an award. Represented for sales by Journeyman Pictures.

Beat Girl

A true multi-platform project developed by beActive Entertainment. A feature-film but also eBook and web-series. The first of its kind, we produced, directed and shot in the UK. Check it out online.

Teen London

Teen London is a comedy drama web-series about urban youngsters, developed with youth media charity Exposure Organisation and funded by the London Mayor’s office and the British Council’s Youth in Action. The trailer has had several thousand hits online already. We plan to release as three separate webisodes and as a single 30-minute broadcast episode. We shot, directed and produced.

Conversation Piece

Funded by BBC Films produced by Enrico in 2009/2010 and directed by Joe Tunmer. It is our most successful short film ever with selection at over 40 International film festivals, won 6 awards and was sold to three televisions.

A Sunny Morning

A short film we executive produced starring Charlie Cox (‘Boardwalk Empire’) and Sophia Myles (‘Underworld’), directed by Jake Proctor and produced by Catriona Scott. Selected for film festivals in the US, we hope it has a long festival life.

The Habit of BeautyIn Development

Our first feature film as a writer/producer/director team. Set in London immediately after the riots of 2011 ‘The Habit of Beauty’ is a harsh reflection on the senseless rat race and the effect it has: on ourselves, our young people and the world around us. Shot in London and Italy ‘The Habit of Beauty’ is a film about beauty, what it means today and how it affects four Londoners, two English and two Italians. Seemingly worlds apart, our protagonists come together when Ernesto, a successful fashion photographer, disappears. Finding him will change all their lives.

With part of the finance in place, we are preparing to shoot in 2013, with cast including Noel Clarke, Stephen Graham, Francesca Neri, Remo Girone, Nicole Grimaudo and Joe Cole.

A capitalist society requires a culture based on images. It needs to furnish vast amounts of entertainment in order to stimulate buying and anaesthetise the injuries of class, race and sex – John Berger

21st Century Girls and BoysIn Development

An around-the-world trip into the human side of strip clubs, one of the global business success-stories of the decade. Beautifully sculpted dancers, making hundreds of pounds a night. Illegal immigrants, abused and forced to perform? Ambitious careerists, stripping to pay for their MBAs? Who are these girls (and boys), where do they come from and who are the men (and women) keeping them in business?

The Dangerous MovementIn Development

What if we were to create our own fundamentalist peace movement, adopting the same techniques as the terrorists who promote hate. What would peace extremism look like?

If you think about the most dangerous terrorists in the world, you might think of Muslims from the Middle East. But did you know there are people there with the same passion for peace?

A docu-drama about one young person’s journey through ‘peace terrorism’ and beyond.

Ordinary HeroesIn Development

A series of 5 x 30 minutes documentaries focusing on people who during the Bosnian war saved one another. We want this series to be a positive and uplifting portrayal of some ‘good stories’ that happened in the horror of this brutal war. The Bosnian war was hell. The Bosnian war was a long time ago. The consequences of the Bosnian war are still very much felt today. But not all stories were bad. There were stories of heroism, help, support and defiance. People who actually went out of their way to help one another, just because they were neighbors, friends, human beings; just because they were Bosnian. These are our ORDINARY HEROES.

What is a hero? Who is a hero? Does he/she have any special skills? Does he have to be special at all…. Why are they heroes?

STILL LIFEIn Development

Pinch Media is glad to produce and be involved in Davide Gambino’s latest documentary: “Still Life”. Started as a campaign for the Italian Ministry of the Environment and now developed into a feature length documentary. An army of taxidermists take over the streets of Europe to inspire a positive change in the welfare of the animals.

This change will be one of the most surreal ecoterrorism act never experienced. The majority of people fail to appreciate how wonderful the art of taxidermy truly is. As live animals are becoming more increasingly endangered, and in some extreme cases extinct, stuffed animals are often the only option for vast parts of the population (especially urban).

Presented @ FIPA Biarritz 2014